Yellow Ribbon #44: Dan Rivero




These are pictures from pics from Cory's funeral, to Araw ng Dilaw last Aug. 21.
I hope I could join you in your campaign activities for Noynoy to be our  next President. MABUHAY!!!
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Let us help our fellow Filipinos in need!

To all those who wish to help, please go to Balay Expo in Cubao (near Farmers Market)  for organizations and protocols for relief operations to respond effectively to emergency.  Let us not miss the chance to help our fellow Filipinos. Sorry for the short notice.
Please contact Clare or Jana if you wish to donate relief goods at Balay in Cubao, QC. Thank you.
[UPDATE] MARIKINA RESCUE: 6462436 Boats now available. Pls contact Nor Domingo/ La Salle Greenhills 0920 907 290
For cash donations, you may deposit to the Corporate Network for Disaster Reponse bank account no. 0031 0654 02 BPI Ayala Paseo Branch.
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Yellow Ribbon #43: Sofia Canseco (c/o Ethel Canseco)

Sofia Canseco during President Cory's funeral cortege.
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Yellow Ribbons # 26 - 42: Metro Cebu Resources Inc. Employees (c/o Maria Sharlyn Hernando)

MCRI Employees, Cebu City
hello mga NOYPI:
This is our picture during Pres. Cory's burial. Our office the Metro Cebu Resources, Inc in Cebu City did not hold holiday on the said date but we did not also work we just gather to watch the burial procession... In fact one of our employee Mrs. Ledesma Bastatas revealed a story about how Pres. Cory help his father to become an airport police.
The father of Mrs. Bastatas was applying for a job as an airport police, when he applied for the position, the HR told him they will not accept if it is not endorsed by influncial man or big man, so he wrote a letter addressed to the President of the Philippines and never  expect an answer but to his surprise Pres. Cory replied his letter with an endorsement attached. And until now he owes a lot to Tita Cory for what he is now. He was able to send his children to school and all of them was finished with a degree.
We the MCRI employees are united in supporting Sen. Noynoy Aquino...
Sincerly yours,

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Yellow Ribbon #25: Roselle Benito

Roselle Benito
Malolos City,Bulacan

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Yellow Ribbon #24: Raquel Murakami

Raquel Murakami
Malolos City,Bulacan

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Yellow RIbbon #23: AbdulRahiim Desinon

Noynoy Aquino  is a true example of a Respected leader since his late father & Mother  which I believe he can make a reform andchange  the true democracy in our country with the help and support of the filipino people...
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Yellow Ribbon #22: Jennifer Villanueva

Jennifer Villanueva
Tondo, Manila

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Yellow Ribbon #21: Gary Asajar

Attached is my picture taken 23 years ago.  I was a big fan of President Cory, even though I was not yet a voter that time... at last I can now vote for an AQUINO...  and that's NOYNOY.


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Yellow RIbbon #20: Jo Jan Paul Penol

My blog, is mostly about Ninoy, Cory and Noynoy.
I want Noynoy to be my president because I personally talked with him after the Senate session when I was high school then. Noynoy is a true example of a leader whom I believe can make a reform and change in this country. He exemplifies the true meaning of democracy not by words, but through actions.

Noynoy is not a traditional politician. He is a tranformational leader. He goes beyond leader behaviors. Behaving smoothly by sensing what is vital and transforming visions into organizational missions.

I'm fized. I'll vote for Noynoy.
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Yellow Ribbon # 19: Kristin Regina Casas

Kristin Regina Casas, UP Diliman
A Yellow Crane for peaceful and honest elections, a yellow ribbon for Noynoy Aquino
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Yellow Ribbons #14 - 18: Carla Ondoy and Co.

Elma, Roy, Carla & Sonny

Paul Ryan, Sonny, Carla and Roy

Photos were taken last Aug.4 on their way to Manila Cathedral to offer final respect to former President Cory Aquino.
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Yellow Ribbons #8 - 13: Raymond (Cebu), Roland (Pampanga), Christian (Bulacan), Lito (Manila), Leo (Pangasinan), XP (Cebu)

Raymond (Cebu), Roland (Pampanga), Christian (Bulacan), Lito (Manila), Leo (Pangasinan), XP (Cebu)
Dubai, UAE
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Yellow Ribbon #7: Ethel Canseco

Ethel Canseco, at SLEX, Magallanes area while waiting for the funeral cortege of President Cory Aquino.

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Yellow Ribbons #1 - 6: Rizell Cabigao, Lei Pineda, Meokelvin Caya, Benjo Opone, Sally Guina & Josielyn de Vera

Rizell Cabigao, Lei Pineda, Meokelvin Caya, Benjo Opone, Sally Guina & Josielyn de Vera
Dubai, UAE
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The One Million Yellow Ribbons Project

The One Million Yellow Ribbons Project, organized by, aims to gather more followers of Sen. Noynoy Aquino and inspire more people to commit for a greater change towards a better Philippines.
How to join this project? Simple! Just take a picture of yourself or your friends wearing a yellow ribbon or a yellow shirt (and maybe flashing the Laban sign). Send your photos to along with your name, location, affiliation (and message, if you wish) and share your support for Noynoy to the whole world!
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